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Gabriela Němcová
Senior Accountant
Team Leader

Gabriela Němcová -  Senior Accountant, Team Leader

Gabriela Nemcova_s.jpg

Gabriela graduated from the Business Academy in 1992. After graduation, she became a customs declarant at Čechofracht and Kühne & Nagel. She was responsible for communication with the customs administration and, among other things, processed Intrastat. She continued to deepen her expertise and in 2013 successfully completed a retraining course in accounting. Since 2014, she has been working as an independent accountant and processing agendas primarily for business companies operating in the field of engineering, and for individuals.


Since spring 2017, as an accountant at FACTA, she has been taking care of clients operating travel agencies, production agencies, notary offices and small entrepreneurs.


Gabriela loves dance and film and she likes to go to her cottage with her family.

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