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Hana Krajčová

Hana Krajčová - Accountant


Silvie graduated from the Business Academy in Veselí nad Moravou in 2005 and two years later completed a specialized course for payroll accountants. After graduation, she joined the tax office, where as an accountant she gradually gained experience and practice with comprehensive accounting of business companies.

In 2011, she first strengthened FACTA as an independent accountant and in summer 2015 became the head of the entire accounting department.

From her position as Head of Accounting Division, Silvie is primarily responsible for the management of all accounting teams and their support and setting up internal and external processes within the company and in relation to clients. Silvie is also responsible for auditing the accounts of all clients and is engaged in accounting reconstruction and accounting consultancy during the transformation of commercial companies.

Silvie appreciates a glass of good wine, especially at gatherings with friends.

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