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Martina Lacková

Senior Accountant

Martina Lacková - Senior Accountant

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In 2015, Martina graduated from the University of Economics in Prague, majoring in Economics and Management. The topic of her thesis was Financial Analysis of a Company, in which she focused on the evaluation of the financial situation of the selected organization, including a comparison with organizations in a competitive environment. During her studies at university, she worked as an administrator of accounting operations, where the main focus was the processing of accounting documents. After successfully completing her studies, she began working at this company as an independent accountant.

Martina has worked at FACTA since 2016 as an accountant. While working for the company, she has accumulated plenty of additional valuable experience and knowledge in accounting, which enables her to ensure the correctness and quality of accounting services. She specializes mainly in companies providing services in education and human resources, as well as contributory organizations in the pharmaceutical industry.

Martina is a very active person who likes to work in the garden and travel in her free time. Yoga and time spent with family or friends also provide her with a huge amount of energy.

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