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Zuzana Pavlínková
Chief Accountant

Zuzana Pavlínková - Chief Accountant

Zuzana Pavlinkova_s.jpg

Zuzana graduated from the Business Academy in Prague in 2005 and then continued her distance studies at the Higher Vocational School of Management. During her studies she started to work in an accounting and tax office as an accountant. During this six-year period she gained extensive experience in complete accounting not only of companies, but also of non-profit organizations and organizational units. She was responsible for the invoicing of provided subsidies, the preparation of monthly and annual accounts and tax returns.


She has been working for FACTA since spring 2015. She first followed up on her previous experience, which she then enriched with a specialization in film and production companies. Gradually, she became a senior accountant and team leader.


Zuzana prefers to spend her free time with her husband and two sons. She loves dance, motoring and rock music.

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